How to make claim for car insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement. You ought to have at least a third party liability car insurance online plan to be eligible for driving . However, a liability only online car insurance policy won’t protect your own insured vehicle. So, you should consider a comprehensive motor insurance policy so that you can make claims even for the damages or theft of your own claim. Since, car insurance claims are of varied types, you need to know the right steps to make all types of claims on your car insurance plan.

The very first thing you have to do is to go through your motor insurance policy document and read all the claim procedures mentioned there. It is always better to have some knowledge beforehand, rather than rushing and making mistakes in the moment of emergency when you actually need to file a car insurance claim. The following are the different types of car insurance claim procedures.

 Third party car insurance claim

 If you want to make a third party claim on your online Insurance plan where your insured vehicle is at fault, the first and foremost thing you have to do is to keep both the local policy station and your insurer intimated about the same. In case, you are the victim of the mishap you should try and gather insurance details of that vehicle and send an intimation to the insurer of the vehicle responsible for the accident.

 Own Damage motor insurance claim

If your insured vehicle is damaged due to accidents, you have to inform your online car insurance provider and the nearest policy station. Upon intimation, car insurance companies arrange for inspection assess the extent of loss. In case of a major accident, car insurers usually make instant inspection so you should not move your insured vehicle away from the spot of accident. Once the car is surveyed, you can remove it to the nearest workshop. Once your  claim gets approved, you can avail cashless services in the network garage of your car insurance provider. Alternatively, you can also take your car to any garage and pay for the services upfront and later have it reimbursed from your car insurer.

Car insurance claim for theft

If your insured vehicle gets stolen, you have to inform your car insurer and the police and  also the transport department. Rest of the claim procedures are the same with other types of online car insurance claims.

 How can you avoid car insurance rejections?

  • You need to have a clear idea about your car insurance coverage
  • You have to fill out the claim form with right information
  • You need to ensure that no guidelines or norms of your car insurance policy has been violated
  • You need to ensure that you were carrying a valid driving license at the time of mishap
  • You also need to ensure that your online car insurance plan was valid at the time of accident or theft
  • You have to inform your insurer immediately after the mishap
  • You have to submit all the necessary documents when you are being asked to.

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